Music and Video

I’m also a musician and have played around with video. Here’s a page with multimedia works I’ve created.

The following link directly to MP3 or MPG files. Use “Save Link Target As…” and play the file from your hard drive, or to stream use “Copy Link Location” and paste into your favorite streaming media player.

(I’ll make the video streamable on-line, but I just haven’t had a chance yet.)

Music (Copyright © 2001 J. Timothy King, 128kbps MP3)


Life & Liberty
(Copyright 2000 J. Timothy King, MPEG audio/video)

Life is more than just biological mechanics. What makes life? And what are the implications of life? Science fiction authors, ever since their genre was invented, have been asking these questions by creating non-human creatures and living machines to represent the human condition.

In Life & Liberty, two play-dough cut-outs, being blessed with the biological mechanics of life, find themselves deeply in love. And faced with a fleeting opportunity to choose their own destiny, they must decide between the comfortable existence they’ve always known and a risky chance for a new life.