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Software Development

I got my start writing real-time embedded software for high-speed centrifuges the 1980’s and went on to do embedded software for Kurzweil Music Systems and Avid Technology. Then I brought the discipline and skills honed from embedded systems into enterprise web software. I have an innate urge to develop quality software, achieved through automated code testing, test-first development, and risk managed refactoring. This approach naturally lends itself to working with legacy code, such as successfully and safely refactoring a 465-line legacy function used in a video streaming application into a structurally sound design. Or designing for maintainability, through cleanly layered architectures, like a web service that can handle multiple RPC protocols using a common controller and a thin view layer, that can easily be supplemented to handle additional protocols.

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Walking in the Moment between Tick and Tock

The Passover story ends with the Israelites escaping across the Red Sea and, after much turmoil and struggle, finally gaining the prize—to roam the desert.

I’ve often felt this was a crummy resolution to the Passover story. And that’s because this is the beginning of the story, not the end.