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13 Podcasts for Lucky Friday

As today is Friday the 13th, I was going to list of really stupid unlucky things that have happened to me (for real or not) on Friday the 13th. But then I figured out that I couldn’t come up with any. So either I don’t have unlucky things happen to me, or else my creativity is dissipating, which is unlucky enough, and so I don’t want to encourage any more of that!

So I came up with an alternate idea. Since I got a Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone—which is a different blog post—I’ve been experimenting with how to use it as a writer. And one of the things I do with it, which had faded from my life, is to listen to podcasts, especially while I’m on my daily walk.

Here are 13 podcasts from my Google Listen feeds that I think are worth listening to (in no particular order):

  1. The Dave Ramsey Show Podcast – The first hour each day of the Dave Ramsey show. Actually I also listen to hours 2 and 3 via the Dave Ramsey Show “archives” on his website, which allows you to listen to the last 2 weeks of episodes on your computer.

  2. The EntreLeadership Podcast – Another podcast from Dave Ramsey’s organization, focusing on entrepreneurial business, team building, and leadership. Chris LoCurto hosts and interviews prominent business leaders.

  3. Glenn Livingston – Once a marketing psychologist, now a world-class pay-per-click marketer and consultant, Glenn Livingston popularized the concept of the hyper-responsive customer. Several times a month, he posts insightful audio podcasts on marketing and business.  Click to continue »

Now’s Your Chance to Get Back at Me

Just a quick announcement, since I was feeling ill this week and didn’t get to write a proper Friday post.

If you want to get back at me for the picky comments I’ve been making on everyone’s books over at Goodreads, or if you thought one of my reviews was petty and opinionated (which it probably was), or if you’d just like to see me get taken down a notch, now’s your chance.

You can revel as Paula B picks over (i.e., “critiques”) part of From the Ashes of Courage on her “Slush Pile Workshop #3″ podcast. I submitted the snippet under the title “Gail Bishop,” so that’s how you’ll be able to find it. As I understand, the podcast will be posted at The Writing Show on Sunday, and I’m sure she’ll be gentle, but I probably won’t be listening to it, because I’m such a big wimp. (Yeah, I can dish it out, but I can’t take it.)

So let me know how it went, eh? :-)

-TimK  Click to continue »

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