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3 Romantic Bible Stories

Around Valentine’s Day, Facebook thought I might enjoy this HuffPost article, entitled “Romance in the Bible?”. (Question mark in original.) I once knew its author, back when I myself also worshipped the One True God. This is why Facebook thought I wanted to read it. As it turns out, I was interested, but not in the way that Facebook thought.

It reminded me of several Bible romance stories. And my own reaction to those stories shocked me. I grew up a Christian fundamentalist, and I know those stories inside and out, up and down, backwards and forward.  Click to continue »

Regrets of Sorrow and Forgiveness

"Regret," by MistiqueStudio

“Re had been riding her dirt bike without a helmet, accelerating too fast, when she lost control and ran headlong into a tree. She had been killed instantly. And I had been out, almost losing my virginity, when the call had come in.”

That last sentence is a lie.

When I originally wrote it, I did not mean it to be a lie. I did not believe it was a lie. But now, with the benefit of hindsight, I believe I was misleading you.

In Love through the Eyes of an Idiot, I tell the story of my whirlwind affair with Tracy (not her real name). If you read that story, you might get the sense that she was a sex-crazed, skin-deep, mixed-up slut, who would have destroyed my life if I had let her get too close. The truth is that I probably would have destroyed her life, had she let me get too close.

I’m still a little sad that she did not.

I don’t have many regrets about my life. But over the past several months, I’ve been discovering some doozies. Maybe not having any regrets is a sign of immaturity. Maybe you have to have lived long enough to reflect seriously enough to develop true regrets. And maybe some people never even make it that far.  Click to continue »

Happy Birthday to Me!

44! Don’t stop me now!
Photo © 2008 Jesus Solana CC BY 2.0

Today, I turn 44 years old.

I’ve already got two big birthday presents. The first is that today is the first day after the last day I have to drive my Firstborn to school this year. (Yay! School’s out!) It’s the changing of the season, which always excites me.

The other big birthday present I got is a small wad of cash someone hid in one of my birthday cards. And I’m going to use it to buy a new hard drive for this laptop I’m typing on, because it was running slow, and so I ran a self-test on the drive last night and discovered that it’s on the verge of failing. (Sheesh!)

But I would love more birthday presents!

The biggest gift you could give me, frankly, would be to post a short review of one (or both) of my inspirational ebooks:  Click to continue »

Bits & Pieces 2013-06-13

Links and things that I’ve run across recently.

The journey begins…

Walking in the Moment between Tick and Tock: From Passover to Pentecost “ The journey from chaos to fulfillment begins…”

Walking in the Moment between Tick and Tock: From Passover to Pentecost
“The journey from chaos to fulfillment begins…”

On Tuesday, I assigned the ISBN for the eBook edition of Walking in the Moment Between Tick and Tock“: 978-0-9816925-6-2.

I told Bowker about it, so I’m committed now. I told them it was to be released on June 20, which happens to be my birthday.

I also put the book up on GoodReads.

All I have left is to finish up the formatting, then upload to Amazon, B&N, and Kobo. But I’m also giving away copies of the ebook with its launch, through Father’s Day and my Birthday and the beginning of Summer—the beginning of Party Season. So stay tuned.

The Truth about Bananas

Apropos of nothing, a couple of photos I happened across on Flickr:

Hebrew Letters in the Mirror  Click to continue »

Teaser Tuesdays: Walking in the Moment between Tick and Tock

Walking in the Moment between Tick and Tock: From Passover to Pentecost

Walking in the Moment between Tick and Tock: From Passover to Pentecost

One reason I’ve been absent is because I’ve been working on a new book, a book that I’m now on the verge of releasing. (Exciting!)

Walking in the Moment between Tick and Tock a short, inspirational book (about ¼ the length of a full-size novel), looking at the period between Passover and Pentecost, between Pesach and Shavuot, integrating insights from both Christian and Jewish thinkers. It tells the story of these holidays as linked parts of the same narrative, two ends of a single span, and not as two independent holidays— I didn’t invent the idea, of course. But I found a number of profound insights connected with this idea.

Today’s double teaser from Walking in the Moment between Tick and Tock: From Passover to Pentecost:

Many Jews see this as a time of change, of personal development.

And we Christians should, too.

We are living this story, the story between Pesach and Shavuot. Between Egypt and Sinai. Between chaos and fulfillment.  Click to continue »

A Box of Indie Romances that Speak to Life

It’s Black Friday! And you know what that means.

Yes, it’s the time of holiday season that we who have stuff to sell pummel you (who we think might have money) with unbelievable offers you can’t pass up! (Gasp!)

Seriously, though, I had hoped to have my next novel released for the holiday season. That’s clearly not going to happen now, but I do see it happening for Valentine’s. (And as it’s a romantic story, Valentine’s Day will probably make a better launch for it, anyhow.)

But I did want to launch something for the holiday season. So I brought to the top of my priority list a project I’ve had simmering on the back burner, to pull together a gift box of indie romance books, and offer them at an irresistible price. I have here three books that I’ve rated 5 stars, plus two of my own. (And yes, I’m destroying my profit margin on the sale of my own titles in order to push the others.)

Most of the summaries below, if you follow this blog, you’ll have read them before (or skipped over them before, one of those).

So before I get to that, here’s the link to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Week Online Gift Offer for A Box of Indie Romance Novels that Speak to Life. Please share it!


 Click to continue »

Bits & Pieces 2012-10-25

Links and things that I’ve run across recently.

Or Maybe I Need to Learn to Talk Like John Moschitta

… or Paris Geller.

My mind goes back to one episode of Gilmore Girls (“It Should Have Been Lorelai”, season 2, episode 14—and no, I didn’t know that off the top of my head) when Paris was trying to coach Rory for a debate, and trying to get her to up her wpm. (And Gilmore Girls, if you remember, was all about increasing the wpm.)

I finally sat down and turned my sketchy notes into a first draft of my bat-mitzvah speech: 1014 words. At 125 words per minute (a reasonably average speaking speed), that’s over 8 minutes of talking, which is 3 minutes too long.

So I need to cut about 40% of those words. Or else maybe I just need to learn to talk faster.

(However, I’m thinking I’ll clean up and post the full version of the speech in these pages, in a couple of weeks after the bat mitzvah is done.)

Do You Remember the “Internet”

This episode of The Computer Chronicles, from 1995, gave me a chuckle.

Wow! Look at all the cool things you can do with the Internet!

Too bad you can’t do your banking online, though, or search through practically every book published from your cellphone, wherever you might be.  Click to continue »

The Joy of Old Friends and New Family

In early August, while the girls were at camp, I spent a lot of uninterrupted time with Tessie-cat. At almost-19 years, she’s even older (in cat years) than I am. I call her “my geriatric cat,” which is what she is. All she did for the whole week was to sit on the back on the couch, in her favorite spot, and sleep, taking brief breaks to eat or pee or poop or remind me that she depends on me for everything, including attention. After so many years, when it comes to our relationship, she’s really still just a kitten.

And during this time we had to spend together, a truth acutely implanted itself on my consciousness, that no relationship lasts forever, because all creatures die, for one reason or another, and probably far too soon. My relationship with Tessie, I thought, will eventually end as well, and probably not too many years hence.

A thought like that really puts in perspective how annoyed I get at her when she begs and begs and begs for attention, at the most inconvenient opportunities.

Just after I wrote the Love-Idiot book, I hunted down many of the real-life people behind the stories in that book. The reason for the effort was to let them know that I had mentioned them (but not revealed their real names), and to let them read what I had written. But one of the side effects was that I was able to reconnect with a number of people from my past.  Click to continue »

Teaser Tuesdays: Personal Development for Smart People

Between Jewish holidays (currently in the season of Sukkot) and family emergencies (currently preparing to take my cat to the vet), I’m reading Steve Pavlina’s book, Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth.

I’ve been following Steve Pavlina’s blog on and off for years. His views are sometimes (what I would consider) wacky, but other-times profound, and always thought-provoking. This book is all fresh material (not recycled from his blog), but it definitely reads with his voice.

Today’s teaser, from page 7 of the Kindle Edition of Personal Development for Smart People:

Excessive routine is the enemy of intelligence. Exposing yourself to the same types of input over and over again won’t help you grow… Establish basic routines only to provide a stable foundation for branching out into unexplored territory. Push yourself to do things you’ve never done before. Keep exposing yourself to new experiences, ideas, and input. The more novel situations you en-counter that violate your expectations, the faster you’ll learn and the smarter you’ll become.

 Click to continue »

Teaser Tuesdays on My Wedding Anniversary

As of today, I have been married to Margaret, My Beloved, for 19 years.

(Remember to wish us a happy anniversary!)

So today, just a quick snippet from one of my own books, a memoir in which I tell the story of meeting My Beloved.

Today’s teaser, from chapter 11 of Love through the Eyes of an Idiot:

I met Margaret in February 1992 at a Bible study. We talked. She looked young for her age; she was a little older than I had originally thought, but I didn’t see how that mattered, because we were still part of the same generation, spoke the same language. She was studying to become a physical therapist, renting a room in a friend’s house, and putting herself through school by working at UPS. Moreover, she seemed completely and undeniably normal, no debilitating past, no extreme neediness, no spiritual crises, no psychological disorders, no indication of any desire to “just be friends.” And her hair was dark, and her eyes were blue-grey, and her nose was flecked with tiny freckles, and her name began with M and R.

She was wonderful and perfect, so naturally I had completely no interest in dating her.

 Click to continue »

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