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Enjoy these touching, gripping short stories, as a thank you from me for visiting my websites.

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"Disorder" and 7 Other Flashes of Character

Enjoy this free sampler of 8 character-driven flash-fiction stories

This sampler contains the following 8 short-short stories:

  • “Disorder,” about a woman with an unusual addiction;
  • “A Comedian’s Motive,” and the experience of the stage;
  • “Too Much Information,” when information overloads;
  • “Abigail White,” a woman who denies herself for too long;
  • “An Indelible Design,” in defense of wallowing;
  • “Just a Bite of Coffee and Ice Cream,” and a good listener;
  • “Perhaps to Dream,” or to lose them while pursuing them;
  • “Baby Boy,” on growing old and stupid.
Length about 6,000 words
Formats PDF HTML ePub/iPad Mobi/Kindle

"Pine" and 7 Other Short Romances

Enjoy this free sampler of 8 short-short romance stories

This character romance sampler contains the following 8 stories:

  • “Pine,” a coming of age romance;
  • “A Penchant for Cotton,” a psychological romance;
  • “Only the Lonely,” alone in a crowded room;
  • “Dead, Long Dead,” a zombi-character romance;
  • “Of Death and Smiles,” about marriage and happiness;
  • “The Woman Who Loved Men,” a twisted concept;
  • “The Confidant of Jericho,” based on the story of Rahab;
  • “The Nitpicker’s Guide to Magnum, P.I.,” an interesting date.
Length about 6,500 words
Formats PDF HTML ePub/iPad Mobi/Kindle

Grand Theft Internet

A true story of Internet attack and high-stakes cybercrime

Like any other small businessman, he assumed his Internet account was basically safe. Instead, he found himself another victim of the latest 21’st century crime wave, when his valuable domain name,, was hijacked in a high-tech heist. Told by a first-person witness to the crime, reconstructed from forensic evidence compiled in the aftermath, this gripping account takes you inside the mind of the attacker, showing in lay terms how domain thiefs bypass security at Internet registrars, and why domain name theft is a growing problem on the Internet that could strike any of us.

Length about 6,500 words
Formats PDF HTML ePub/iPad Mobi/Kindle

The Widow's Granddaughter

Marietta is a pretty, young woman who has had one bad relationship after another, starting with her parents. Fortunately, they were gone for most of her life. She grew up living with her grandparents. Having returned home, she now finds her life taking a turn for the better, after she seduces a man as a bribe to help her grandmother.

(Cover photo:

Length about 12,000 words
Formats PDF HTML ePub/iPad Mobi/Kindle

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